Why Us

Simply, it is our attention to detail.  We start cleaning your space long before we park our van.  Our service begins in our office when our crew leader performs a detailed review of your service plan and scheduled scope of work.  We ensure that our vehicles are fully supplied with the supplies and equipment we need to give you the highest quality service and to fulfill our promises to you.

We take the worry out of making a great first impression with your clients and keeping your facility clean and fresh.  There is much more to a thorough office cleaning than meets the eye or nose. Our cleaning crews are expertly trained and our crew leaders are certified in the most up-to-date green cleaning techniques.  We use GREEN certified products, high efficiency equipment, HEPA filters and micro-fiber cloths and mops to ensure that you have both a clean and healthy environment.  Green cleaning is no longer a special service, it is the new standard.

We do not leave behind harsh chemical residues or chemical odors to prove we were there, we leave behind a clean and fresh facility.  Our crew leader will ensure that we exceed your expectations using our multi-point checklist after every cleaning.  If we see that a service needs to be provided but is not scheduled, we will perform that service.  You will not be disappointed by our attention to detail.

We also recognize that the service we perform places us in a unique position to be your first line of defense for facility maintenance.  When we see that you have a maintenance issue, we do not turn a blind eye and say “that is not my job.”  We inform you when we see a water leak, evidence of vermin or insect infestation, a poor seal around a window or door, or any other matter that needs attention.